Michael Stevens to Speak at the Reedsburg Public Library

Reedsburg Area Historical Society and Reedsburg Public Library Presents:

Michael Stevens October 3rd @ 6:30 PM @ Reedsburg Public Library

The Making of Pioneer Wisconsin: Voices of Early Settlers:

From the mid-1830s through the 1850s, more than a half million people settled in Wisconsin. As they came in ships and wagons, established homes, and formed new communities, these men, women, and children recorded their experiences in letters, diaries, newspaper articles, and other documents, revealing their fears, joys, frustrations, and hopes for life in this new place. 

The Making of Pioneer Wisconsin provides a unique and intimate glimpse into the lives of these early settlers, as they describe what it felt like to be a teenager in a wagon heading west or an isolated young wife living far from her friends and family. Woven together with context provided by historian Michael E. Stevens, these first-person accounts form a fascinating narrative that deepens our ability to understand and empathize with Wisconsin’s early pioneers.

About the Author:

Michael E. Stevens is the author or editor of nearly thirty articles and thirteen books, including The Family Letters of Victor and Meta Berger (Wisconsin Historical Society Press, 2016). Stevens earned his PhD in American history from the University of Wisconsin–Madison and is Wisconsin State Historian Emeritus.

This event is sponsored by the Reedsburg Area Historical Society and the Reedsburg Public Library

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