12. General Store

This cabin was donated by Dave and Carl Lichte. It was in the center of a farmhouse being taken down. The logs were numbered and then it was reassembled here. We have tried to make the store look as a general store would have looked in the late 1800’s. There is a post office in one corner of the general store -- the original Hillpoint Post Office

Items on display may include:

Grocery area: Old boxes, tins, jars used for food stuff. Flour sack, paper roll, bee hive string dispenser, balance scale, kegs and barrels used for flour, beans, rice, pickles, kraut, and salt pork.

Butter jar that was given to women to take home and fill with butter to be sold in the store.

Clothing area: Shoes, spats, ladies under garments, coat (bear skin) coon skin lined coat, hats (ladies and men), fur felt stove pipe hat, (beaver pelts collected by the trading companies were shipped to France and England and were made into fur felt).

Housewares: Dishes, pots and pans, soaps and other decorative items. Note the small egg crate.

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