10. Museum

Currently this building is undergoing a reorganization of displays.  But make no mistake about it here you will find items both large and small that reflect life in the Reedsburg area through out the years!  You never know exactly what you might find, from artifacts from the Ho-Chunk Nation, to items from recent history.


Just some of the things of interest you might find are:

Woodworking bench and tools. 

Dairy Booth: Old time milk bottling equipment, butter churns, cream separator and butter molds.

Indian Artifacts: Under construction.

Woolen Mill items.

Military items:

Reedsburg Prisoner of War Camp display. (new in 2020)

Ray Palmer’s Gun Collection.

Agnes Moorehead Collection.

Ladies and men’s hat display.

Display of typewriters and business machines.

Display of old radios.

Cash register from the Ford garage.

Kitchen items: pancake griddles & waffle irons.

Hops Booth.

Musical Instrument Booth.

1940’s Kitchen.

Doc’s Office in the back of the Drug Store. (under construction)

Sauk County Teacher College Booth.

Barber Shop Booth.

Claire Brigg’s Booth. (Under construction, we have received an grant to cover expenses of redoing the Claire Briggs booth).