4. Redstone Cabin

This cabin was moved intact from the Lake Redstone area. Cables were used to stabilize the structure during the move.  In the cabin is a half loft. This cabin was home for a family with 13 children. Things on display include the following:

Another step in the evolution of washing machine – a Maytag washer with wringer.

Indiana kitchen cabinet with built-in flour bin and sifter, zinc top for kneading bread.

Cook stove with warming closet, reservoir, and oven. Note the cook stove lid with three lids in it. Explain its use.

Glider rocker and foot rest  

Buck saw and saw buck.

Sauerkraut stomper, enamelware plates and cups, steel table service, sewing machine and wide board floor in the cabin.

These are a few of the items on display in this cabin that represents life from the mid 1800's - the first part of the 1900's.