8. Sanders Building

The Sanders Building, a multipurpose space, primarily functions as our dining hall and meeting space.  Fans of our annual Memorial Day Sunday BBQ Chicken Dinner know it well as a place to sit, eat, and catch up on world events with other folks enjoying chicken and pie for dinner.  The space has also been used for a flea market and for displaying bits of history.  Recently, the east end of the building has been converted to much-needed storage space, and over time we expect to turn the Sanders Building into a bit of a “man cave” where we’ll feature tools of the trade used by area men (AND women, of course) on their homesteads and farms.

Some of the items housed here include an authentic horse-drawn buggy; an old spring-board wagon; a covered wagon used with a team of Blue Oxen in many area parades back in the 1950’s; and a restored horse drawn fire wagon.  Our collection also houses many corn shellers, mowers, wheels, and examples of a variety of horse-drawn tools.

We’re mighty proud of one item folks won’t see every day -- a dog-powered treadmill. Put the harness on old Rover, dangle a bone out front, and the dog walking to try to eat the bone makes the treadmill go. Putting a belt on the pulley and hooking that to a washing machine puts some ease into wash day.